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Unique rental properties listings.

Stay in distinctive private homes – with an unprecedented level of service and care!

TopHouzzing owns and/or manages top quality rental properties in Athens and elsewhere in Greece as well as soon expanding in other countries.  Most of the listed properties are fully furnished, however, TopHouzzing offers Consulting Services for non-furnished long term rental properties.

TopHouzzing Properties commits to deliver a high-level of accommodation experience and services, with the necessary expertise, customer service, and attention to detail to the market of short and long term rentals, for vacation, personal or corporate leasing.

High-end Rental Properties

Remaining true to your values and to our hospitality standards we, at TopHouzzing choose one by one the rental properties that will be listed. 

All the properties you will find on our website meet all TopHouzzing’s criteria that ensure you an unforgettable stay! We’ve welcomed guests from over 70 countries and we’re proud to be rated “Excellent” by users of Airbnb.

Specialized Team

TopHouzzing operates under a team of experienced engineers. Our Team Leaders have a long career background in the field of constructions and interior design. When you have TopHouzzing professionals on your side, rest assured that you’re in good hands!

TopHouzzing offers a wide range of services both to owners and guests. Our Property Management team will help owners turn your property into a profitable investment.

If you are a guest but have not found the property you are looking for, our Reservations Team will help you find a suitable home! Whether you are traveling for a business or vacation, we are here to help!

TopHouzzing offers also services to individuals or companies interested in buying distinguished and certified properties.

Hospitality – We set the bar high!

What we look for in a property are space, character, and comfort. Though only 3, It is difficult to find a rental property that meets all these few criteria at once. Of all properties, only 1 in 10 makes the cut!

All TopHouzzing Rental Properties have WiFi, espresso machines, and much more amenities. Before you arrive, our Housekeeping team will prepare the home and will provide you with fresh sheets from our partner DryCleaners and stock the home with toiletries and towels.

You will always find the color of wine you asked for (or other beverage in case alcohol is not your choice), croissants and candy or chocolate.
We usually welcome you in person, unless you come much after hours (self-check in).

TopHouzzing offers extra services to make your stay even more relaxing and care-free:

  • Airport pick up / Drop off
  • Housekeeping
  • Childcare
  • Groceries/Errands
  • Other
  • Find Property